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Startup: Months 11-14

March Introducing Wavve, Inc. We changed our name to Wavve and re-incorporated in Delaware. April Pitch Event. Dig South. We also introduced Wavve to a few thousand during Tech Night at a local Charleston Riverdogs game. Media passes for the entire 2016 season were an unexpected perk. The mobile app continued gaining traction as positive reviews started to roll in. ...

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Startup: Months 5-10

Here’s the short version: September Building. October Iterating. November Re-Building. December Building. A quick trip to Canada for the day job.  Trademark woes and an ill-fated temporary name change from uTalk to uTalk.io. January Started work at Fount Studio. Said goodbye to friends and coworkers at Blackbaud. Accepted to Cohort 5 of the Harbor Accelerator. February After multiple ...

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Startup: Months 3-4

July Between juggling trips to Canada for my day job, I somehow managed to finish the mobile app for iOS and Android. August Completed MVP. Released to group of test users. Embarrassed? Check.

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Building Wavve

Did you know there are 86,400 seconds in a day? The last 90 days have forced me to take an honest look at how I manage each and every moment. A few months ago, I started an exciting adventure when Baird Hall and I decided to build uTalk.io. In just 3 months, we’ve built a complex web application for streaming audio ...

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Review: The Best Interface is No Interface

Several years ago, I read this post and was inspired to write a post of my own, excited about the potential of an interfaceless world. I was recently privileged enough to get an early read of Golden Krishna’s full-length book, “The Best Interface is No Interface.” Since reading it, I’ve found myself questioning the screens ...

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4th Amendment Rights in Routine Traffic Stops

This is my answer to the following question on Quora: What would happen if a driver was pulled over in a routine traffic stop, and police officers found a “priceless” Chinese puzzle box in his car which the driver claims he does not know how to open? If the officers believe something illegal is inside, ...

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GitHub in C Major

This is an awesome little app that turns your year of GitHub contributions into song. Since I didn’t become active on GitHub until recently, you’ll need to wait a few moments for the player to reach my contributions. I’ve noticed that the graph isn’t 100% correct, but that’s okay because the app is amazing. Feel ...

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Post-Aereo Fallout

Legality aside, I really wanted Aereo to win. Consumers face unreasonable prices and have few choices when it comes to US TV providers. As a whole, the industry is outdated and in serious need of competition. A decision for Aereo would have driven disruptive innovation and forced Big Cable towards adopting more competitive business practices. ...

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