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Startup: Months 15-19

July Building ambitious new features for web app. Universal web widget Record and Post from web Venturing into radio industry August First paying customers Radio partnerships September Fundraising discussions and continuing to explore the radio industry. Featured Application – Ionic Blog.             October Figuring things out again. Hurricane Evacuations and new Wavvegram tool. Evacuation of ...

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Startup: Months 11-14

March Introducing Wavve, Inc. We changed our name to Wavve and re-incorporated in Delaware. April Pitch Event. Dig South. We also introduced Wavve to a few thousand during Tech Night at a local Charleston Riverdogs game. Media passes for the entire 2016 season were an unexpected perk. The mobile app continued gaining traction as positive reviews started to roll in. ...

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Startup: Months 5-10

Here’s the short version: September Building. October Iterating. November Re-Building. December Building. A quick trip to Canada for the day job.  Trademark woes and an ill-fated temporary name change from uTalk to uTalk.io. January Started work at Fount Studio. Said goodbye to friends and coworkers at Blackbaud. Accepted to Cohort 5 of the Harbor Accelerator. February After multiple ...

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Startup: Months 3-4

July Between juggling trips to Canada for my day job, I somehow managed to finish the mobile app for iOS and Android. August Completed MVP. Released to group of test users. Embarrassed? Check.

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Building Wavve

Did you know there are 86,400 seconds in a day? The last 90 days have forced me to take an honest look at how I manage each and every moment. A few months ago, I started an exciting adventure when Baird Hall and I decided to build uTalk.io. In just 3 months, we’ve built a complex web application for streaming audio ...

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Review: The Best Interface is No Interface

Several years ago, I read this post and was inspired to write a post of my own, excited about the potential of an interfaceless world. I was recently privileged enough to get an early read of Golden Krishna’s full-length book, “The Best Interface is No Interface.” Since reading it, I’ve found myself questioning the screens ...

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When ISIS Hacks your Website

The voice on the other end of the line was panicked. He didn’t know how it happened… only that his organization’s website had been hacked by ISIS. A mix of shock and anger, he urgently pointed me to the URL. I entered the web address and was greeted by the page below. As the page loaded, middle-eastern music began playing. I performed ...

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Trading View: An Impressive Platform for Technical Analysis

Trading View Free Edition Trading is expensive. There are broker commissions, hidden account fees, and don’t forget about subscription costs for financial newsletters and charting software. I’ve embraced a very lean trading model where I don’t pay anything for trades, research, or software. A few tools make this possible. In a previous post, I provided a detailed review of the revolutionary ...

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