3D Printing

3D Printing

I was flipping through The Economist a few years back when I came across an article called, “Print Me a Stradivarius.”


A Stradivarius is one of the world renowned stringed instruments made by Antonio Stradivari between the years 1680 and 1725. In 2011, one sold for over $10,000,000. There are mixed theories as to why the Strativari carry such a superior sound. The most widely supported uses Dendrochronology to explain the uniquely dense wood as a product of the Little Ice Age, a period of unusually low solar activity. Apparently, this caused trees to grow more slowly and impacted density.

So what does all of that have to do with 3d printing? Well, the Economist article described how an EOS laser-sintering 3D printer had successfully printed a Strativarius replica. The author claimed that 3D printing technology would be as world-changing as the industrial revolution. I wasn’t sold. I couldn’t see how this tech would be accessible to individuals.

Two years later, I saw this kickstarter campaign. After more research, I found the Etsy of 3d printing, Shapeways. It’s this incredible marketplace where creators can print and sell their 3d designs.


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