Ideas while studying for the Bar

Ideas while studying for the Bar

Books are broken. Times have changed and new informational mediums are simply more effective at exchanging technology.
People like my outlines. Why not capitalize on my ability to synthesize and organize information.

Parents spend $$$ to send their children to college. Do they remember how little they retained in their own endeavors? Their education was a waste. There is no justification for relegating knowledge to dense books and massive costs.

YouTube, Wikipedia, and iBooks provide simple 101 crash courses, but do little for the serious academic.

Big picture: I could call it Silicon Tower. The ivory tower evolved.

Unlocking the other 70% out of evolutionary necessity... Darwinian.


Gap: learning isn't fun... Complex ideas are shrouded by complex language and syntax which inhibits learning. People learn by doing. People gain confidence by competing. Why not create interactive primers on each subject followed by engrossing games. The games would breakdown your performance based on strengths, trouble areas, and ultimately rank your performance against other students.

This is particularly good for law school because you will be graded against others anyway. maybe show classmates progress and performance through the lessons/courses. Allow collaborative team exercises.

  • For example, a legal primer might be followed by a game where two students represent a defendant and play counsel and co-counsel. They watch a video of opposing counsel cross examining their star witness and must object appropriately. Maybe even video clips from big films.

2. Better Online Book rentals...

Right now I'm searching all over for a simplified explanation of non recourse debt and minimum gain charge back.. The only result – a Serbian explainer video that left me just as confused..

There are plenty of iBooks and apps out there for medical students but scarce resources for students in more abstract studies. Benefits of iBooks or other interactive digital media -

  • cutting edge engagement via tablet books
  • style learning diagrams... could be improved further with dynamic branches that expand and contract like a mind map.
  • Bigger vision = an educational overhaul to provide technical software for diagramming key lectures but most of all, they should be engaging. They should use a tablet kind of like these new iBooks.

3. A general learning app - should be intuitive and engaging... Like if you needed to learn to change the oil on a 92' Camry, there would be an engaging video diagramming the specific step-by-step according to the car model. Not sure if manufacturers or third party is best suited to created this content...

4. A global collaboration hub. Tutorials to bring people up to speed on projects and providing them with the technical know-how.

For now, I should just start out small... Create outlines and offer them for sale. Classmates have already demonstrated that they value these. I need to just generate value where i can...

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