Learning for 2014

Favorite Tech in 2014:

Elementary OS – a beautifully minimalist Ubuntu-based Linux Distro
Reporter App – flexible self tracking with a phenomenal UI
– Unix Command Line – crucial as I’ve started learning node.js
Atom.io – recently moved over from Sublime Text and haven’t looked back
– Version Control with Github – almost seamless integration with Atom.io.
– Yeoman – huge time saver for starting projects, testing code, and deploying apps.
Angular.js – awesome for building single-page applications – still lots to learn.
AWS – Free usage tier with EC2 Micro Instance – Ubuntu + 750 hrs/mo
Heroku – facilitates easy Node.js app deployment and scaling
Openshift – offers free hosting for up to 3 webapps (called gears)
Bootstrap 3 – the latest iteration continues to impress with mobile-first approach

What I’m Currently Learning:

– Node.js + Express
– Mongodb + Mongoose
– Advanced Version Control with Git