Can I build a startup while working a day job?

Can I build a startup while working a day job?

Yes. But you'll need to realize that weekends and evenings are overrated!

At least that's how I'm choosing to view it. If you rely on the income of your normal 9-5 job, it's pretty simple. You need to spend your free time building your business.

On the progress front, things are looking good. I somehow managed to finish the API and web app earlier this month, and now I've moved on to building our mobile app. There's only one problem though...

I've NEVER built a mobile app before and I'm trying to tackle iOS and Android. Progress is a little slower right now because I'm having to teach myself so much along the way. It's amazing how many little tasks there are that I have no idea how to solve, but it feels exhilirating to hit these little barriers and continually break through them. Feels like I'm gaining momentum.

June is flying by and I'm feeling the pressure to get something out to our eager beta testers have some eager beta testers.

I'm often overwhelmed with a billable hour requirement at my day job, and then trying to shift gears as quickly as possible to work on UTalk. There is literally so much to do. Reminds me of what it was like studying for the Bar Exam while working full time. At least I'm approaching the task of launching a startup with the same vigor.

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