We Built a Printing Press

We Built a Printing Press

SaaS businesses get a lot of hype for a reason. It's hard to wrap your head around it until you're on vacation, wake up to check your phone, and see you have 50 new customer notifications. Then you realize each of these $12/mo subscriptions will translate into $120 in lifetime value... so you just made $6,000 while you slept.

Waking up to check Wavve New Customer Notifications

We were staying at the ridiculously expensive Amangani resort in Jackson Hole, and I was feeling anxious about how much we'd spent on this trip. My tendency is to save and invest every penny out of caution that some horrible financial event will be right around the corner. I realize this isn't rational, but when I woke up the final day of our trip and realized we'd just spent $10k for our week in JH, I was sweating it. I opened my phone to check in on the business.

While I was asleep and offline the previous 24 hours, we'd generated nearly $6k in new revenue. This wasn't atypical. Most days we did roughly that amount of new business. It's just that this was when the power of a totally passive income business really hit me.

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